How did I get here?

How did I get here?

My mother led me on this new path before either of us realized it.

As long as I have held my insurance licenses, I have advised my mother on the changes of her health insurance plan as a public school teacher, and later as a retiree. She didn't always agree with my recommendations because they were different "from her friends"; however, she would follow my advice. When she experienced me navigating her away from potential coverage challenges based on her health conditions, she understood why it was important to follow an individualized plan.

When our family started "the kidney journey" as we called it, we knew my mother would have more ongoing medical expenses. With all of the changes going on in the healthcare industry, she relied on my experience as a health insurance agent to monitor her medical expenses, as well as partner with providers regarding billing errors to her health insurance.

After my mother passed away two conversations led me to the creation of Time Agency. The first was a high school friend who is an attorney. She told me about her work with a personal injury firm and how health insurance is much more complicated than she realized. The other conversation was with a business contact who has a child with special needs. I needed a diversion from my grief; she needed an insurance advocate to navigate through the countless Explanation of Benefits statements and determine what services were actually covered.

The more conversations I had regarding insurance advocacy, the more I realized there is a need for these services.

Why the name Time Agency?

One of the first items needed for a business is a name. The name should be meaningful, both to the type of business and emotional ties.

No question the name Time Agency has emotional ties; it is the name of my grandfather's accounting/bookkeeping business. The name is also meaningful in business. The word "agency" is usually associated with a business in the insurance industry, and the overall goal is to save clients "time".